Need to plan my next Mountain Bike Race soon

Littlehampton November 2006, having fun in the shorebreak (5/5/09)

Good start to the Year, three consecutive days sailing!

2nd Nov 08, Mountain Biking in Mud, can't beat it :)

Activity Diary
10th April 2010
New longer route - Mill Hill up over across to the Truleigh Hill and back down again. 16.9 Miles, 01:49:34
4th April 2010
New Route down through the woods (Mill Hill) back up through the Rugby ground and straight up, out for 1h44m.
2nd April 2010
Launched @Hove Lagoon, got planning eventually but not for long. Sheet rain stopped the wind :(
28th March 2010
Usual route to the Dyke over to Truleigh Hill back down through Southwick. Timings best this year so far 14.5m, 1:24:13, mud cleared, tyres back to 35lbs, great ride.
21st March 2010
Different route via the A23, roughly the same distance, but much larger hills, and the chain snapped! 14.36m, 1:48:22, fastest speed just over 30mph.
14th March 2010
Usual route to the Dyke over to Truleigh Hill back down through Southwick. Timings best this year so far 14.5m, 1:24:13, mud cleared, tyres back to 35lbs, great ride.
7th March 2010
Usual route to the Dyke over to Truleigh Hill back down through Southwick. Timings a bit off with 14.5, 1:28:34, very muddy with a head wind up to the Dyke.
7th February 2010
Bike pickup from Evans :)
31st January 2010
Usual route in 1:30:00, bike now in at Evan for a shock service, although they say the carbon frame is cracked. They have said that since I bought it and it's still going strong.
24th January 2010
Usual route to the Dyke over to Truleigh Hill back down through Southwick. Timings a bit off with 14.49, 1:33:14, very muddy with a head wind up to the Dyke.
17th January 2010
Bike ride up the the Dyke and back, path to Truleigh Hill was snow covered .
10th January 2010
Bike ride up through Stanmore Park onto the Southdowns Way and then back down through Stanmore Park, damn cold.
29th December 2010
Bike ride up to the A27 and back again, back in the saddle after two weeks off sick :( Short ride of just over 1/2 hour.
2009 : 22 Sails, 12 Bike
6th Decmeber 2009
Sailed down at the inlaws, only issues was the high tide at Felpham. Launched with a 5.6 on a 84l, spotted a gap and flew out. Sailed for around an hour, with a nicely timed exit to the beach. Good to get the 4.0 dry after using it on the last 4 sails.
29th November 2009
Did I have a cracking sail down at Shoreham with 27 bottom/top turns in a row, or did I have the walk for shame from Surflade and pick up two other sailors on the way back? Can't say I didn't have fun on a 4.0 and 75l wave, it was definitely a challenge.

14th November 2009
Shorehame 4.0/75l far too much, flatten sail right off had a couple of runs and decided I need to by a 3.5 or 3.7 :) Spend the next 20 minutes walking up the beach attempting to keep the kit grounded, that was fun. Will post some video later of the day, got 22mins of various sailers having fun and some having the kit ripped out of their hands at height.
1st November 2009
Sailed at Hove just after 14:00, had hangover from hell and was feeling rough. Rigged a 5.0 on a 75l wave board, launched just as the wind dropped. Changed board to a 84l by which time the wind filled in.
3rd October 2009
Felt like sh*te with man flu, but no wind for nearly a month wasn't going to stop me from sailing today. Lemsip, Day Nurse, and 1lt of Lucazade was the plan, although it didn't really work.

5th September 2009
West Hove for me, out for a good hour with two mates. Starting to get colder, shortie with rash vest today. Out on a 5.6 and 84l board, racing mates on slightly larger kit, now that was fun.
30th August 2009
Sailed down at Shoreham, arrive just after 14:00 when sailors were just hanging onto the plane, others were rigging 6 - 7.5m. Rigged the largest sail I have 5.6 and attached the old 83l board. Pumped onto the plane and then the wind picked up. After an hour rather than changing down to a 5.0 I put the 75l wave board on, much better to control, although slightly on the fast side. Two days sailing in a row, could it be 4 , you never know.

Something about sailing at Shoreham which I enjoy, guess it the people, beats sailing of the Espande in Hove.

28th August 2009
Sailed at Hove, launched with a 4.5 just gone 12, slightly overpowered changed down to a 4.0. Nice set of waves with log gaps between them, some damm high jumps. Got to the top of one jump thinking do a forward, and my brain went blank. It was nearly perfrect to begin with....

Sailed back to the beach for a chat with a mate, then ended up being tumble dried for over 40 mins attempting to re-launch at 14:30

Should have sailed earlier

26th August 2009
Sailed off Espanade Hove just after 6. Rigged a 5.0 got out through that dreadful weed and was blown off the water after 10 minutes. Could have done with a 4 meter :-(
23rd July 2009
Quick after work sail down off the Lagoon, out on a 5.6m and 84l board. Four other sailors joined me from the the Windsurfing club, had a blast. Back at home by 21:15
19th July 2009
Sailing at Hove, just of the Lagoon, out on a 4.5m at 75l board at low tide. Had a blast for about 2 hours, difficult on the inside with a wind shadow and a lot of white water. Managed my highest jumps todate, or it felt like it.

Looking out of the window now it looks like it's picked up

12th July 2009
Launched at just gone high tide off Hove Lagoon, shore break didn't look that big. Had an absolute blast, still can't figure out why no one else joined me Out on 84l with 5.6, after two hours could have changed down to a 5.0, but had to pick the girls up.

While I was sailing both my girls 9 and 7 were having their first windsurfing lessons at the lagoon on 0.8m and 1.2m sails. They'll be nicking my kit before I know it

Perfect day, out mountain bike ridding in the morning on "The Downs" followed by a neighbors party, followed by Windsurfing session, and then back to the party. Will post some photos of the windsurfing on my return.....

12th July 2009
Usual route on the Southdowns, good to get back out on the bike again.
6th July 2009
"Mental" is the only word I can think of to describe the session I've just had. Arrive at the Esplanade Hove at just gone 16:45, rigged a 4.5m on 75l board. Wind holes on the inside, then past the 400m buoys and it went ballistic, returned to the beach to rig a 4.0m, back out again.

It was gusty, the sea state was difficult to say the least and to top it all a strong rip. Keeping the board on the water was a challenge, think it thought it was a plane

That said still managed to have an absolute blast in the summer, warm wind and warm water. Will tomorrow late afternoon be so good? I hope so.

20th June 2009
Weather sites indicated that the wind was building reaching 17kts, arrived at the beach and it didn't look promising. Lukily my mate had a Eagle 135 and 6.5m rig, so had a blast on that for approaching two hours from 18:00. Wind as it has all week died at 20:00 and stopped play.

Fourth sail in a week just off Hove Lagoon. Will I go out and buy bigger kit, probably not, but it was fun

17th June 2009
Had a cracking sail today in Hove Actually, just off the Espanade.

Checked the wind speeds from work at it was around 13kts at 17:00. Thought never mind sailed Monday can't complain. Arrived in Hove at 18:50 and it had picked up to around 17kts.

Quickly packed the car and rushed down the beach, end up being out for an hour on a 5.6m with 84l board going full pelt. Practiced gybing for the whole hour, not sure about duck gybes though. What are they all about, managed to get back winded and thrown off the board, guess they need more practice. Two other sailors out and 10 kiters down off King Alfred. Hunger stopped play, and was starting to fell chilly in a shortie.

What a week so far........

15th June 2009
Received a text from the wifie to say it was windy, checked the wind sites and it certainly was. Arrived down just of Hove Lagoon at just gone 7pm, and had a blast for over an hour on a 5.6m 84l combination. It was certainly very lumpy to say the least.

Didn't end well though, wind dropped and I was determined to return to the same beach. Went back out which was a bad move, wind completely died, fell in and without an up haul it took around 10 minutes to water start, managed to wobble back to the beach and was 4 beaches down wind. Not a bad result, chap from Australia offered to carry my board back up the beach was to kind an offer to turn down. Had a good old chat with him, he seem to enjoy carrying my kit

Should have come in when it started to die and take a small walk of shame. Packed up then spotted a black kite with blue edge drifting by Hove Lagoon about 1/2 mile out. Called the coast guard and they'd already received a few call, thanked me for calling anyway. Luckily the kite surfer was back at the beach already safe and well Hope they get the kite back in one piece and the lines are to tangled

14th June 2009
Usual Route, 14.76, 1:25:31, 10.2, 30.2. Very hot even at 09:20 when I left for the ride, first ride in over a month. Good to be back on the bike again.
26th May 2009
Windsurf @Hove. Dropped down to King Alfred, 3 sailors out and it didn't look that windy, so went home and had pasta bake. Mate then called and stated it had picked up down at KA. Drove down to have a peek, and it had. Packed the car and had an hour sail down off Hove Lagoon.

Planning on a 5.6 and 84l board but not full tilt, just enough to have some fun. Not enough wind to pull you through the gybes. It was a bit off and on to be honest, but when it was ‘on’ there were some good ramps

17th May 2009
Windsurf @Felpham After a night at the "Lady Boys of Bangkok" had to visit the inlaws in Felpham to collect the girls. Loaded the car, arrived at just gone 12, rigged a 5.0 and had a blast for about 30 minutes, slightly flat with the odd small ramp for a bit of jumping. Then the wind died off, change up or pack up? Packed up, then the wind filled in again, can't be bothered to go back out now.

Two sessions in a weekend, can't be bad

16th May 2009
Windsurf @Shoreham Cracking sail, arrived at Shoreham around 11, rigged a 5.6 on the old 84l board. Waves started to build nicely after 1/2 hour and then the wind realy filled in. Should have rigged a 5.0 to continue, but it was easier to attach a 75l board instead. What a blast, sail definetely to big for that board. Now thinking of have a nap after 2 hours of sailing. If only conditions could be this much fun every time
6th May 2009
Windsurf@Hove Lagoon, arrived at the beach at 18:30, in the water within 10 minutes, had a blast for approaching an hour. Only one out, the whole of the English Channel to myself. 5.6 and 84l board. Overpowered all the way.
4th May 2009
Windsurf @Shoreham. Back out on the water again, had an absolute blast on a on 5.6m with 84l board, good to knock the old cobwebs of the kit. Sailed with my mates for over two hours, should have changed down to 5.0, but couldn't be bothered. Back in the hour for 17:00, took the girls for a pizza ;)
3rd May 2009
Usual Route, 14.83, 1:25:01, 10.4, 28.9. Rather a slow ride, something to do with the head wind, or lack of energy :(
26th April 2009
Bike to in-laws again, still not sure why I do this ride. 25.38, 2:16:08, 11.1, 25.38. Thirteen minutes slower than my last ride to Bognor, although not been out on the bike for 6 weeks :(
15th March 2009
Usual Route, 14.90, 1:24:44, 10.5, 33.3. First jacketless ride of the year, good to get back into it after 3 weeks out.
28st February 2009
Short ride, back derallier went, down to A27/A23 roundabout and back. Good speed through the corpes near Woodland Drive, no figures
21st February 2009
Up A23 over New Timberhill, back round through Woodland Drive Corpse and back. No figures.
15th February 2009
Long ride, A23 - Ditchling Beacon, Black Cap wood, down to A27 and back over the top. 24.77, 2:49:36, 8.7, 31.7
8th February 2009
Usual Route, 14.83, 1:32:56, 9.5, 26.2. Slippery conditions on the top near Truleigh Hill, then mud all the way down to Southwick. Absolutely covered ;)
1st February 2009
Bike to in-laws again, went a more direct route, have to zigzag through the private estates, and then cut across the beach. 25.74 2:03:23, 12.5, 28.2
24th January 2009
Short Montain bike route 8 miles 8.37, 55:21, 9.1, 26.8
18th January 2009
Windsurf @Felpham: Out on a 5.6 on 84l board from 11:30 for around 1 1/2 hours. Wind getting stronger all the time. First sail of the year, finger tips went numb but other than that I had a fun. Nice ramps and sets of swell to ride. Skies are starting to get darker and the wind is picking up and it's only 13:20.
17th January 2009
Biked to the in-laws 24 miles, took 2h09m which wasn't bad, with a head wind all the way. 24.27 2:09:27 11.2 22.0
30th December 2008
Usual Route, bloody cold, took 1:30:00 to complete way off my normal timings.
21st Decmeber 2008
Usual route again, timing slightly out. All frozen on the down, managed not to get all muddy.
22nd November 2008 (Bike)
Usual route, not timings, very cold on the top of the down, cycling in mist :( Arrived back home covered in mud.
16th November 2008
Usual bike ride on the downs, timings slipping a bit. 14.83, 1:14:14, 11.9, 27.8. Fastest average speed, deflated tyres down to 40psi, more grip and speed off road. Over 3 minutes faster than usual.
15th November 2008
Short route, up to Mill Hill, down through the woods, back up and through the corpse at the back of Woodland Drive. No timings, around 8.5 miles.
9th November 2008
Windsurf @Shoreham again, out of a 4.0 on 75l board. Had a blast in the end, should have rigged a 4.5 in the begining as I spent 1 1/2 hours getting back to the launch beach. Car park was packed :)
8th November 2008
Windsurf @Shoreham, first sail since August 28th. Rigged a 5.0 on 75l board down at Shoreham, think a number of sailors hadn't been out in a while. Strange sail, most struggled to return to the launch beach with a long walk of shame. Manged to return back to the start beach, although had to sail right out back :(
2nd November 2008
Up to Mill Hill, through the wooded area, up the A23 and over Newtimber Hill. Onwards to Truleigh Hill and back down to Portslade. Very wet and very slippy, managed first decent crash, lost the back end, then front end, then bang. Finished with the bike on top of me :) 18.05, 1:59:54, 9.0, 31.1
25th October 2008
Outer lap around Stanmore Park, not really a taxing route to be honest, not real fast sections at all :( Around 12 miles including trip there and back.
19th October 2008
River Adur up to Chantonbury Ring and back down again, now that was a climb. 10.76, 1:07:35, 9.5, 28.8
8th October 2008 (Bike)
Crowhurst Road and Back to attend First Aid Course. 10.8 mile round trip 27minutes there, 21 minutes back.
7th October 2008 (Bike)
Crowhurst Road and Back to attend First Aid Course. 10.8 mile round trip 27minutes there, 21 minutes back.
6th October 2008 (Bike)
Crowhurst Road and Back to attend First Aid Course. 10.8 mile round trip 27minutes there, 21 minutes back.
27th September 2008
Newtimber hill route, grass was very wet, couldn't get much grip on the uphill climbs . 14.70, 1:22:54, 10.6, 34.3
20th September 2008
Newtimber hill route, high climb approaching from the A23 side. 14.71, 1:21:12, 10.8, 33.8
14th September 2008
Timing out as I stopped for a chat for 3-4 minutes, nearest I've been to falling off in a while, quite slippy out there. 14.73, 1:17:26, 11.4, 32.0
9th September 2008
Usual bike ride on the downs, timings slipping a bit. 14.56, 1:19:23 11.0, 31,7
6th September 2008
Windsurf @Worthing beach cafe, rigged a 4.5 and was struggling to hold on, came back in after six runs, changed down to a 4.0. Had a blast for another hour, rain stopped play at 15:00, was out for 2 1/2 hours, what fun.
1st September 2008
Windsurf @Hove, crappy session, rigged a 5.0 just as the wind died, got planning on the outside once :(
25th August 2008
Late afternoon windsurf @Hove, cracking 40 minutes, full planing gybe on the inside :)
24th August 2008
Late morning sail @Felpham out for over 3 hours, last 20 minutes were the best. Hanging onto the plan just for the first couple of hours.
23rd August 2008
Out @Hove planing most of the time, bile ride in the morning was better, sea state was very lumpy.
23rd August 2008
Usual bike ride on the downs, timings slipping a bit. 14.74, 1:21:05, 10.9, 31.2
19th August 2008
Arrived at Hove at just gone 19:00, rigged a 5.0 and put it on a 75l board. Was thinking I needed by 84l board, but went out anyway. Sailing out was a challenge through the 100m of white water.

Flew back up wind after an hour, weaving my way through the waves while they were breaking, what fun. Will I get a sail in tomorrow evening, hope so!

Just out for over an hour in a shortie, what fun.

16th August 2008
Usual loop on the bike 14.63, 1:17.56, 11.3 32.3
10th August 2008
Back on the water after 6 weeks out due to cracked ribs. Had a blast out on a 5.0 and 83l board, very lumpy conditions. Ribs held up well.
6th August 2008
Not the best of rides, avergage speed right back down, good to get out after so long out. Usual route up to Devils Dyke (via Dyke Road) --> Trueleigh Hill --> Portslade. 14.66, 1:24:29, 10.3, 27.8
22nd June 2008
Late sail @Hove, out on a 4.5M on the 75l wave board, should have rigged a 4.0. Had a blast, managed to bruise two ribs in the process, during at catapult while still hooked in after leave a wave as it broke :(
22nd June 2008
Early morning sail @Hove, rigged a 5.6m on the old 83l board and had a blast, had to change down to a 5.0m. Sailed from 08:00 - 10:15.
21st June 2008
Hove down to Saltdean via the cliff path, top road on the way back, sprint training :) Figures to follow.
19th June 2008
Late Windsurf @Hove Lagoon arrived at 19:30 and sailed until 20:45, what a blast. Rigged a 5.0 on the 83l board, good waves, jumps and fast gybes. Didn't want to come back to the beach, wasn't even cold in a shortie.
14th June 2008
Windsurf @ Shoreham, out on a 83l with a 5.6m, everyone else was on floater boards approaching 100l. Wind picked up in the end, didn't lose any beaches. Good blast, although as it was approaching 18:15 it was starting to get a bit cold in a shortly, while the rest were in summer suits.
14th June 2008
Early Ride. At last I've got the average above 11mph :) Usual route up to Devils Dyke (via Dyke Road) --> Trueleigh Hill --> Portslade. 14.73, 1:16:29, 11.5, 28.6
28th May 2008
El Yaque (Margarita, Venezuela) Windsurfed from 14:30 - 16:10, hired kit from Club Mistral which is situated at the back of Paradise Hotel on the beach.. Checked the wind stats from the hotel which was 45 taxi ride, registered at 12-14 knots, and thought I'd give it a go. Conditions were easterly with east to west chop, and it was port tack.

Arrived and they were planning on 6M sails, although the wind was on the increase. Got a 84l Mistral Wave Fish RD and a 5.0M sail, sailed for around 50mins, finding it difficult to stay connected to the water once out back. Changed the kit to a 76l Mistral Wave RD and 4.5M rig, and had a blast, although on the inside had to pump onto the plan. Need to spend more time at this spot to form an opinion; although first sail was not an exceptional day, port tack with cross chop was fun, but not great.

18th May 2008
Friston Forest, 1/2 hour drive from Hove, arrived at 09:25, car park empty; when I finished at 10:30 it was full with cyclists and walkers. The purple technical ride was the one I chose to complete, which is 7 miles, and recommended as a 2 hour ride. Definately up hill for the first 3 miles, or felt like it, the down hill sections were short, but very steep. After 4.3 miles the purple posts disappeared :( Purchased a map after the ride, need the 122 Explorer Map. Timings: 1:02:52, 8.2, 31.3 8.65
Southdowns Way Argus Bike Challenge - Winchester to East Bourne 105.93, 7.1, 15:52, 41,85 (average)
11th May 2008
SDW: Day 3 : Brighton - Eastbourne (Beachy Head) 35.4 7.9 05:15 41.85
10th May 2008
SDW: Day 2 : Midhurst - Brighton 33.67, 05:18, 6.3 40.1
9th May 2008
SDW: Day 1 : Winchester - Midhurst 36.86, 05:19, 7.1, 34.6 (approx timings
4th May 2008
Hove to Ardingly (Route : Hove, Foredown Drive, Over the Downs, Fulking, Clappers Lane, Shaves Wood Lane, Twineham Lane, Hickstead Lane, Job's Lane, Bishopstone Lane, Bolney Road, London Road, Hanlye Road, Bordehill Road, Copyhold Lane, College Road) 20.20, 1:51:13, 10.9, 32.9
27th April 2008
Usual route, up to Devils Dyke (via Dyke Road) --> Trueleigh Hill --> Portslade. Fatest Speed and Average :) 14.10, 1:18:11, 10.8, 34.3
26th April 2008
Short ride in Brighton to test my leg which I sprained. Seemed to work ok, managed 3.7m in 29minutes, including the purchase of a new pair of SPD Shoes.
11th April 2008
Usual route, up to Devil Dyke across to Truleigh Hill and back down through Portslade. Strong SW wind, so timings very slow. 13.46, 1:30:12, 8.9, 28.2
4th April 2008
After 6 weeks out to the old flu bug at last I got back out. Short ride 8 Miles, cold and raining. Good to be back out on the bike. 8.32, 0:48, 10.3, 29.6
1st March 2008
Usual root Devils Dyke through to Truleigh Hill and back through Portslade. Timings missing.
24th February 2008
Parked in Ditchling Beacon car park, off road all the ways Offham on the A275, road all the way back past Plumpton and down Underhill Lane. Then for the attempt to climb Ditchling Beacon, not a challenge I failed in two consecutive London to Brighton Rides. That climb was a killer, one racing bike in front of me and one behind, managed to keep in between both. If the racing bikes hadn't been there I'd probably of walked. 1:05, 11.04, 10.1, 28.0
23rd February 2008
Up the A23, over New Timber Hill and across to Devils Dyke and back down the corpse at the back of Woodland Drive. First time on the new Nobby Nics, sprained both shoulders during a crash down the woods at Mill Hill. Could have sworn I was invincible with new tyres, quick check to make sure no one was watching before admitting to myself in dam well hurt. 15.0, 1:44, 8.6, 27.3
10th February 2008
Up to Devils Dyke, across to Truleigh Hill, and down into Portslade, nice and muddy. Definitely don't like road rides like the one from yesterday. Bought a new foot pump and got the tyres to 50psi, front tyre was too hard, will deflate to 40psi and absorb some of the bumps. 12.75, 1:16, 10.0, 32.6
9th February 2008
Hove to Worthing Yacht club and back along the cycle track on the beach, 21.6 Miles in just over 1 1/2 hours. Even with a 6 mph eastly wind is was hard work on the return leg. Legs were definately burning. The sea front was pretty empty when I set off at 07:25..... 21.6, 1:38, 13.4, 22.2
27th Jan 2008
Felpham along the beach to Littlehampton jumping groans, that was fun, the return journey was let down by the tide coming in. The brakes don't like salt water, screeched when attempting to stop, members of Littlehampton GC weren't impressed. Short ride of 12.8miles.
19th Jan 2008
Arrived at Shoreham at 11:00 just as the wind died, after 15 minutes it had picked back up again. Rigged a 5.6 and went out on a 83l board. Would like to have said I was blasting backwards and forwards, it was more like hanging onto the plane by a knife edge. Then it picked up, came back in to rig a 5.0, glad I didn't as it then dropped off again.

Good sail, managed to stay planning for nearly two hours, and I wasn't even going to take the 83l with me, glad I did

Did you all see that piece of drift wood, although it would have better been described as a tree, must have been over 200 planks in that bundle, same I couldn't have got it on my roof rack. Should have all fixed our rigs to it and had a sail on it.

Why do kite surfers insist on playing in the waves, on the launching beach? Answers on a postcard!

13th Jan 2008
Arrived at Shoreham just before nine, rigged a 5.0 on an 83l board, struggle to get going, change up to a 5.6M and then the fun began. It was fun flying up and down the beach picking the gaps, to get out back. What fun, a kitesurfer even apologies for ditching his kite in front of me , causing me to take a dunking.

Shame I came back to the beach just after 10, had a couple of attempts at getting out back again and failed. Two much white water and not enough wind on the inside. Good to get the kit we for the first time this year.

Never quite managed to understand why I had a 83l and 75l board, now I know, it's for southerlies when the wind on the inside it light

Weather mild for the time of year.....

12th Jan 2008
First time this winter, it was so cold I had to wear the old long legged gear, even ice in the mud on the South Downs, albeit in the shade. Managed to travel 15.8 Miles, in 1h48. Managed to get bitten by a dog, even though it had a bloody strap around it's mouth, good job I had the long legs on ;) Again managed to fall of down the corpse down back of Woodland Drive, mental note to oneself "Must ride faster, and stop using the breaks".

Rode the track down the side of Snakey Hill for the first time, that was fun, although far to short.

5th Jan 2008
Up to Devils Dyke and then East up and over New Timber Hill, back down the A27, and up Snakey Hill. Funny day, covered in mud from head to foot, and fell off in the corspe at the back of Woodland Drive.
27th Dec 2007
Sailed at Hove got to the beech at 07:45, rigged a 5.0 on 75l board, got the combination all wrong, should have rigged 5.7M on a 84l board. Managed to get planning out back and had 2 good runs, used the helmet cam which I got for Christmas day. Only 17 sails in 2007, lets see if I can beat this in 2008 ;)
18th Nov 2007
Timed it all wrong, arrived at Shoreham as the rain came in. Decided to moving to Lancing, all had packed up. Then I arrived at Worthing just as the last two sailors were packing up. Decided to go out anyway on a 4.0, as I could see 5-6 sailors still out at Goring. Going like a rocked, worthing web cam was at 34mph, with a 10 minute average 33mph.

Got out just after 13:00 and was finished by 14:00, spent 10 minutes trying to find my fingers, which must have dropped off

Didn't think I'd use the 4.0 until January, god was it cold.

28th Oct 2007
Quick sail down at Hove, went off at the Esplanade. Out on a Naish NewWave 73, and 5.0M rig. Due to it being just about onshore, wobbled out, then full tilt out back for an hour. Good flat sections in between the waves, and some decent ramps.

The return to the beach was interesting, dropped of the plane and then performed a number of underwater loops . Kit and sailor in one piece, despite the spin cycle.

Decided against going out again as the shore break was building, the wind direction not favoring planning away from the beach. Left the entire beach to a bodyborder and in the distance at King Alfred there were 5 kites. Good to get out.

19th Sept 2007
PM: Windsurf at Hove 4.5M on the 75l Naish Pro Wave, sailed from 18:00 - 19:00, over powered and gusty, large swells. Keeping the board on the water was fun ;)
16th Sept 2007
PM: Windsurf at Felpham out on Naish Pro Wave 75l, rigged a 5.0M had an absolute blast, easy board to sail. Returned to the beach had a BBQ and went back out for another hour. What a day.
2nd Sept 2007
PM: Windsurf @Hove for 2 hours, out on a 5.6M, struggle to get planing initially, then going full pelt for the last hour. Lagoon guys were on 6.2M and 110l boards, not a bad session considering I was on a 82l.
8th July 2007
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham first time out with the kite for nearly a year, 14M Aero for nearly three hours, marginal conditions. Planning all the time, although not quite enough to get back up wind at times. Good blast.
1st July 2007
PM: Windsurf @Hove 18:00, bit late in the day, wind had died, one run out and back, not planning. Good to get out on my birthday.
28th June 2007
PM: Windsurf @Hove at 18:20, out on a 5.2M what a blast, again lumpy conditions, fun just managing to keep the board on the water ;)
23rd June 2007
PM Windsurf @Shoreham arrived the wind had died, had a tea with Charlie, and then the wind picked back up again. Went out on a 5.6M and should have rigged a 5.0M, sea was again very lumpy.
2nd June 2007
AM Windsurf @Bayahibe, Dominican Republic, out on a 4.5M Hot Sail which was very badly rigged to say the least, with a board with a dagger board. What do you expect for free kit, you get crap kit.
19th May 2007
AM/PM Windsurf @Felpham, are the waves none existant, just lots of cross chop. Rigged a 4.4M lost 18 beaches, ran back got a 5.0M and got back up wind in two runs. Good blast, but not the best of sails, out for 2 1/2 hours.
12th May 2007
PM:Windsurf @Hove, out on a 4.4M, very lumpy sail, wind up and down, not a good sail. Two aborted back loop attempts, although not intentionally going for them.
7th May 2007
PM: Windsurf @Hove, out on a 5.6 from 18:00 - 19:30, well overpowered. After the initial spin cycle was over I had an absolute blast, others were out on 4.4 - 4.7 :)
6th May 2007
AM: Mountain Bike Hove - Devil's Dyke - Stanmer Park for breakfast (15 miles). PM: Windsurf @Felpham out on a 5.6M for a hour then became overpowered, changed down to a 5.0M for anther hour. Shared the water with one other windsurfer and 3 kitesurfers. If this were January then this would have been a cracking start to the year.
18th March 2007
PM: Windsurf @Hove, full tilit on a 5.0M, what a blast, put the old harness lines back on, perfect day. Fingers tips felt like they were forzen. Came off the water at 17:45 with very dark clouds approaching.
17th March 2007
PM: Windsurf @Shoreham, out on a 5.6M overpowered, new harness lines far to long, not the best of sails, but good to be out.
7th January 2007
AM: Sailed at Shoreham, out on a 5.0, using a slightly modified boom didn't help, changed down to a 4.4 just as the wind dropped. Spent 2 hours on the water, before experiencing the walk of shame from the church, due to wrong rig choice.
6th January 2007
PM: Sailed at Hove, 5.6M had a blast in the very lumpy choppy conditions, launched at mid tide, had about an hour out, when it started to rain, came back in. Third launch resulted in one snapped boom, and two snapped battens. Good to start the year with a breakage, NOT.
31th December 2006
AM: Windsurf at Shoreham, out on a 5.0M for over 1 1/2 hours yet again. What a blast, high jumps, high wipe outs, and massive catapults. Bring on the New Year.
29th December 2006
AM: Windsurf @Shoreham, out on the new NP Zone 5.6, had a great sail, out for 1 1/2 hours, packed up and everyone else was rigging up to go out.
10th December 2006
PM: Windsurf@Felpham, day started out Sunny, kites out at Goring Sea Cafe, by the time I arrived at Felpham it was quite windy, rigged a 5.7M blasted for 1/2 hour, change down to a 5.0M carried out for 1 hour. Wind eventually picked up, should have changed down, but couldn't be bother, still going full pelt, in control just.
1st December 2006
PM: Windsurf@Hove, Rushed down to the beach of Hove Lagoon, rigged a 4.4M, felt really windy, sailed down to the near King Alfred and back, not planing. Not rushing would have resulted in rigging a 5.7M and having a good sail, even in a Southerly`
25th November 2006
PM: Windsurf@Littlehampton, after driving to Pagham to sail in a Southerly, the rain came, the wind swang SW (cross off at Pagham), back over to LA. Rigged a 5.0M and managed to get tumbled dried in the shorebreak for 15 minutes, before finally getting out back. What a blast, about 11 of us out, without exception everyone had a good rinse cycle by the end of the day.
28th October 2006
PM: Windsurf@Felpham out on a 5.7m, sea was very lumpy and the swells were running against us, not a bad sail.
1st October 2006
PM: Windsurf@Shoreham nicely powered up on a 5.0, good large wave, log of people being bash. On the last run, body dragged up the beach, got smacked by white water, retreived the sail minus a panel. Good start to the month
30th September 2006
AM: Windsurf@Felpham out on a 5.7 from 11:30, planing off and on for an hour, then the wind picked up, full tilt for 1 1/2 and then it died, good session in the end
23rd September 2006
PM: Windsurf@Hove out on a 7.5 from 14:00, planing off and on, good to get out
11th September 2006
PM: Windsurf@Hove out on a 5.7m from 13:10 - 14:20 bit boarder line to begin with, wind picked up, sea was very lumpy. Good start to the week.
3rd September 2006
PM: Windsurf@Hove out on a 4.4m from 16:30 - 19:00, what a blast. Best sail of the year, wind picked up during the last 40 minutes.
31st August 2006
PM Windsurf@Hove, lunch time sail, out on the Fish and 5.7, first few minutes were a bit of a struggle, released a bit of outhaul and moved the mast foot forwards, then had a blast for and hour. Out 4 times in month, what's going on?
28th August 2006
PM Windsurf@Hove, out on a 7.5m on the big board Fanatic Bee 289, forgotten how heavy the sail is, blasted in a cross off wind, patchy on the inside, and full blasting out back. Followed by a pint in Deep Sea Anglers.
20th August 2006
PM Windsurf@Hove, out on a 5.7m fully blasting, out for 1 1/2 hours, what a blast. Waves not as big as Friday. Here comes Autumn.
18th August 2006
PM: Windsurf@Hove, rigged a 4.4M, what a blast, logo high waves, shorebreak was large to say the least, had a few spin cycles.
30th July 2006
PM: Kitesurf @Hove, 14M out for 1 1/2 hours, same day as the Triathlon, sailed in between the two wimmers, although around 30 meters away. Chap on beach had a go, and suggested out of the whole shoreline from Worthing why choose this beach. Advised he was using the watersports beach, which I've used for over 12 years. Funny man!
9th July 2006
PM: Windsurf @Hove, wind gust to 38mph near gale force, out on a 4.4M what a blast, sailed from 19:20 until 20:00. Wind dropped just after eight, timed it just right. Shore break was quite large and challenging.
9th June 2006
PM:Kitesurf @Campione, Lake Garda, Italy. Slightly overpowered on a 14M, had to sail with the kite depowered. Dangerous place to sail, came back to the beach after an hour, it was an accident waiting to happen. Very gusty conditions, 20mins after I returned to the beach the wind died, 6 had to be rescued (returned to the beach).
6th June 2006
PM:Windsurf @Torbole, Lake Garda, Italy. On a Xcite 120l, 6.5M Expression, had a blast, good to sail big kit for a change. Around 60 windsurfers out in total.
2nd June 2006
PM:Kitesurf @Campione, Lake Garda, Italy. Out on a 14M for over an hour, good session with constant wind. Witnessed two kites crashing, one launching and one landing, if it hadn't have been for quick thinking of the guys on the beach, then the launcher would have been dragged across the rocks.
2nd April 2006
PM: Windsurf @Felpham out on a 4.4M well overpowered out for 2 hours, had roast lamb and yorkshires and then back out at 16:30 for another hour. All three sails used in three sessions not a bad start to the year, although a bit late.
30th March 2006
AM: Windsurf @Shoreham on the water for 09:00, out for 1 1/2 hours on a 5.7M, wind dropped.
28th March 2006
PM: Windsurf @Shoreham, first outing for 2006, out on the new board Syncro 229 with 5M sail, had an absolute blast for just over 3 hours. Very choppy, had to concentrate on keeping the board attached to the water, unless jumping. Good to be back on the water like so many others.
3rd December 2005
PM: Windsurf @Littlehampton at high tide, was looking very promising, arrived and everyone was out of 5.2M, rigged up a 5.1M and had a blast for 2 hours. Great to be back on the water. Fish & Chips on the harbor wall afterwards, what a day!
28th September 2005
PM: Windsurf @Hove, when out on a 5M vastly overpowered, everyone else struggling on 4.7M. Wind was gusting upto 30mph, good to get out twice within a week. Kitesurfing lesson was cancelled, which was a good job.
25th September 2005
AM: Early morning Windsurf @Hove, sheet rain for the first 10 minutes, out on a 5.1M, should have rigged the 5.7M. Ended up 12 beaches down, after being out for 2 hours, 50% planning.
22th August 2005
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham for 2 hours on a 14M, what a blast, wind was off shore all morning then swang round at 15:00 to SW 15mph. Attempted toe side and crashed immediately, needs a bit of tuning. I guess I should book that 2 hours kitesurfing lesson which I got for my birthday ;)
3rd August 2005
PM: Windsurf @Hove just after 5pm, wind picked up from nowhere, went out on a 5.7M just as it started to drop off, not a bad session lost 6 beaches, planning about 40% of the time. Just good top get out after recent injuries!
10th June 2005
PM Kitesurf @Los Alcazares on a 14m, hooked in and having fun again, could have stayed on all evening ;)
7th June 2005
PM Kitesurf @Los Alcazares out on a 10m being cautious, really needed a 14m, not a good session.
1st June 2005
PM Kitesurf @Los Alcazares, out on a 10m well overpowered (more than 25mph), kite emergency release activated, could not reconnect, out about a mile off shore, drifting for around a hour 1/2. Eventually rescued after the police were called and a speed boat was sent out to get me. I was spotted when the speed boat had given in his search. Lucky day, would have got back to shore eventually but miles down wind. Received a set of bruised ribs as a result.
30th May 2005
PM Kitesurf @Los Alcazares, out on a 14m overpowered, changed down to a 10m then the wind dropped.
7th April 2005
PM: Windsurf @Shoreham, 4.4m weather, bit gusty, out for about 1 hour, bloody cold once the rain hit.
13th March 2005
PM: Kitesurf @Hove, light wind from the south west, two others out doing a downwinder from Shorehame, wind dropped by the time I got out back. Not a good day, got the new Winter Wetsuit wet, got to be a positive.
9th January 2005
PM: Windsurf @Hove, Southerly wind 23mph, went out on a 5.0M struggled to get out back, changed up to a 5.7M, got out back eventually. Sailed to Hot pipes back to King Alfred and again. Good to sail in the troughs having to jump to waves to keep out back. Just I packed the wind picked up to 30mph, gusting 37mph with strong rain.
8th January 2005
AM: Windsurf @Littlehampton, arrived all out on 3.7M to 4.2M, pulling foward loops, waves were the largest I've seen on the south coast. Rigged a 4.4M and got blasted to death, fantastic hour, although not in control at any point.  Wind Westerley gusting 36mph. Only day of the year you need a 3.7M or smaller. Captured on video!
7th January 2005
PM:Windsurf @Shoreham, out on a 5.0M, became overpowered, changed down to a 4.4M, what a blast. Stayed out until my harness line snapped. Good video footage for the day.
2nd January 2005
PM: windsurf @Hove at high tide, launching look like a nightmare, but managed to get straight out. Out on a 5.7M, wind only kicked in at about 400M out, 50% planing condition, not a bad start to the new year.
10th October 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Flepham, 10M kite, wind gusting from 10-19mph. Easterly very gusty kite kept failing out of the sky, ended up being dragged over the cockle bed after ditching the kite. Not a good day, hangover didn't help
12th September 2004
PM: Windsurf @ Hove, 4.4M weather, first windsurf in months, what a blast.
29th August 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Felpham, blowing 24-32mph, out on a 10M BT Nitro, after hour kite board leash snapped again, ditched kite, default main tube, swam for board, then to shore. Took over 30mins to swim back to the beach. Leash now tied to the grab handle, rather than the fin.
28th August 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Hove, out on 14M perfect wind, although slightly overpowered towards the end, good session on new board.
22nd August 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Shoreham, 14M and new Naish Thorn 135 TT, first time out on the new board, took a bit of getting used to, lost 14 beaches due to gusty easterly, luckily Charlie picked me up and drop me back at my start point. Went back out, board leash broke, de-power kite to recover board, only took 30 seconds this time. Out for 2 hours, not the best sail but a good one all then same.
30th July 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Brighton, out on a 18M Naish X4 on a Naish Thorn 141TT, good session, wind died in the middle to pick up again. First time board retrieval, as no leash was available, took over 5 mins to get the board back, what fun. Good day at kite surf demo day arrange by Boost. Cracking board, transition very smooth, almost flowing.
18th July 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Lancing 17-24mph, out on a 10M Cabrinha for the 2nd time, takes a bit of getting used to a HR kite. Best ever kitesurf so far, started to get used to the kite.
17th July 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Shoreham 15-24mph, out on a 14M, changed down to a 10M Cabrinha just as the wind dropped, lost two beaches.
19th June 2004
PM: Kitesurf @ Shoreham, out on a 14M, far to windy, borrowed a 10M had a blast, got 6foot of air.
13th June 2004
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham, out for an 1 1/2 hour, great light wind day.
12th June 2004
PM: Windsurf @Hove Lagoon, out on a 5.6M not a bad sail.
30th May 2004
Windsurf @Shoreham, as luck would have it a Starboard and JP test day was at the beach, spent 2.5 hours out on varied kit from 8.5M to 6.5M on JP X-Cite Ride and Starboard Sonic 133 (massive), Carve 111 and 131. What a day. Best board used was the JP X-Cite Ride 105!
17th April 2004
Windsurf @Shoreham out for 1 1/2 hours on a 5.0M, what a sail, thank Charlie for borrowing your pavement.
4th April 2004
Windsurf @Felpham, out on a 7.5M and 289 Bee, far too windy, topping at a force F6
21st March 2004
Windsurf @Felpham, out on a 4.4M in a Force 5/6, after 45 minutes managed to rip the fin cleanly off the board, while gybing over a submerged groin.
20th March 2004
Windsurf @Shoreham gusting 42mph, what a blast, after 4 run out the windy went mental! Another windy start to the years sailing.
14th March 2004
Windsurf @Pagham, Force 7 what a blast sailed from 15:45 - 16:45, bent two finger back double, other than that what a way to start the year.
1st February 2004
Kitesurf @ Felpham, 14M wind 8knots, then picked up to 14knots, out for an hour, good old blast. The wind swang off shore.
26th December 2003
Windsurf @Shoreham, out on a 5.7M cracking sail, wind eventually swang offshore after 1 hour.
13th December 2003
Windsurf @Shoreham cracking day out on a 4.4M changed up to 5.1M, wind dropped after 1.5 hours.
27th September 2003
Windsurf @Hove 5.7M weather, good sail not a bad day.
23rd September 2003
Surfing @Hosseger France, one foot waves, not a great day, but managed to get a few rides.
6th September 2003
PM: Windsurf @Felpham out on a 5.7M for 40 minutes, only wind for the whole weekend, good to get out again...
22nd June 2003
AM: Kitesurf @Felpham around 1.5 hours, managed to get 15mins of good riding, at least I got out.
12th June 2003
PM: Kitesurf De Duquesa Spain, out for 2 hours, wind was on shore and shorebreak was large, not the best of days.
11th June 2003
PM: Windsurf @Tarifa Spain, 3.7M, Mistral Razor 2.43M 69l, what a board, then I got called in, they had given me the wrong board and swapped it with a Razor 2.51, bit difficult to keep this one on the water. Managed to last just over 1/2 hour. Very gusty Pontinina wind from the Med. Returned to the beach and those on 3.3M were having trouble. What a day....
9th June 2003
PM: Windsurf @Tarifa Spain, 5.7, Mistral Shift 2.50M, 95l, no wind on the inside, but out back completely overpowered, going like a rocket, what fun. Still the Pontiena wind.
18th May 2003
AM: 08:15 on the water @ Shoreham out on a 5.7M, wind picked up, good sail, had to stop at 10:50, just a bit knackered. Kitesurfer out to begin with, wish I'd taken my kite, but wind did pick up and they all went in.
3rd May 2003
AM: 07:34 Windsurf @Shoreham Beach, out with a 5.7M for over 2 hours, bit of a struggle at time, over not a bad sail.
27th April 2003
AM: Windsurf @ Felpham 5.0M for 45mins, changed up to 5.7M for 1.5 hours, had a blast, still get a kick out of windsurfing.
13th April 2003
PM: Kitesurf @Shoreham, should have known better, guy on the beach has just finished using a 9.7M, so I went out with a 14M, completely out of control, like a bullet, near on impossible to keep an edge, didn't loose any ground after 25minutes.
23rd March 2003
AM: Kitesurf @Bognor, not enough wind, out for 30mins, crashed kite, no wind to re-launch, bit of a swim.
15th March 2003
PM: Kitesurf @Shoreham out for a hour, had a collision with another kite, but managed to re-launch without any damage. Very close though, great blast, even managed a few jumps, I'm getting there!
9th March 2003
AM: Kitesurf @Hove, out for 45min with the old 14M, what a blast, the wind has returned at last.
8th March 2003
PM: Windsurf @Hove, cracked board, ripped luff tube, and snapped mask in the shore break just after high tide. Kit spent more time in the water than I did, got to laugh!
8th February 2003
AM: Kitesurfing @Shoreham Beach, out for an hour, wind dropped, board leash snapped, long swim the retrieve the board.
18th January 2003
PM: Kitesurfing @Lancing, only one out to begin with, ended up with numb toes and fingers. Good session, just cold.
1st January 2003
PM: Windsurf @Felpham 4.4M weather, 1 1/2 hours, what a start to the New Year!
26th December 2002
AM: Kitesurf @Hove, couple of good runs, gusting 18knots at bit too windy for a 14M.
24th December 2002
AM: Windsurf @Shoreham, good for 20 minutes, wind dropped, bit of a waste, cold"!
21st November 2002
PM: Windsurf @Pagham, 5.7M weather, high tide, out for 2 1./2 hours, what a day!
19th November 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Lancing, what fun, after not kitesurfing for ages, took a bit to get back into it. A couple of small jumps, snap shackle kept opening, have to buy a Wichard!
27th October 2002
AM: Windsurf at Cold Pipes Hove, 3.9M Force 9 gusting 10, what an absolute nightmare, great fun though, see video page for some footage.
15th October 2002
AM: Windsurf @Hove, 4.4M Force 5 SE, wind died, left a bit of a walk. Packed up went home, wind then changed to a Force 9 SW. Never mind at least I got out.
2nd September 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, cracked nose cone after full speed catapult after hitting crab pot lines and stopping dead. 7.5M easterly, port tack sailing!
26th August 2002
AM: Windsurf @Felpham Bee 289/7.5M off shore winds, gusty. Full pelt in the gusts and then nothing, just over 2 hours then the wind died!
18th August 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove Bee 289 7.5M, no real wind, just played around for an hour!
19th August 2002
PM: Windsurf @Felpham 289Bee 7.5M, planning for two hours, very light wind, struggled to keep it on the plan.
11th August 2002
AM: Kitesurf @Felpham on the water for 1/2 hour, boosted jumped, landed, kite dived and crashed. Re-launched kite to find 2 meter rip! Looks like a visit to "The Loft" via a warranty claim (maybe!).
8th August 2002
PM: Evening kitesurf @Hove, not really enough wind, got out lost a few beaches, at least I've got wet this month.
25th July 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Hove, wind died after an hour, bit of a walk back to the car.
24th July 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham, 2nd outing with the 150TT, have started jumping, only a few feet, after 2 hours wind dropped, but kept going. As a result lost 20 beaches, had a bit of a walk!
23rd July 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove 4.4M weather, great day large swells, broke both harness lines, getting good at high speed catapults!
6th July 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham, first day on RRD Airtrixx 150, after loosing 15 beaches, managed to get back up to within 4 beaches. Took four hours to get used to surfing a small twintip, sliced a good chunk out of my right little toe. Had to call it a day when I got too overpowered! What a cracking day! Does anyone want to buy a 7.0 directional?
1st July 2002
AM: Windsurf @Shoreham, 4.4M, perfect wind day, hitting waves full on.
30th June 2002
AM: Kitesurf @Felpham cracking day!
23rd June 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham, 14M Aero, slightly overpowered to say the least, had fun attempting to go down wind for a change.
22nd June 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, 5.7M, just managed to hang on to the plane, should have gone kitesurfing.
19th June 2002
PM: Surfing @Sennen Cornwall (Surfing Mecca), 2-3' tiring day, paddle for 10 minutes, turned round and still at beach. (hint: don't paddle in white water or waves, wait for the gaps!). Yes that did the trick.
18th June 2002
PM: Surfing @Portreath Cornwall, 2' swell, a few good rides.
3rd June 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, 265 F2 FreeAir 5.5M, not a bad sail, board a bit floating.
2nd June 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Felpham, 14M Naish Aero perfect day, planning for two hours.
26th May 2002
PM: Windsurf @Shoreham, 4.4M good for 20 minutes, wind dropped, could have done with 5.0M.
20th May 2002
PM: Kitesurf @Hove 14M Aero, managed to get the kite wet at last, light onshore winds, tide on the turn, not a good day.
19th May 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, no wind really, took out a F" Powerglide and 9.0M rig, a bit of freestyle, 360 rig flips...
14th May 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, evening sunny sail for 2 hours, 4.4M weather, just after low tide, good waves, about 15 sailors out. Bring on the late evening sails in the summer.
28th April 2002
PM: Windsurf @Hove, 3.9M far too windy, seemed to spend more time flying than sailing, good two hour session.
6th April 2002
PM: Windsurf @Shoreham 5.0M NE Port tack sailing, excellent day, bit overpowered, but better than being underpowered like the rest of the sailors on 4.4M sail.
10th March 2002
PM: Windsurf @Felpham 4.4M although I need a 3.7M, far too windy. Spend two hours hanging on for my life. Bruised ribs and dinted crash helmet! All in all another good day!
9th March 2002
PM: 16:00 windsurfing @Shoreham, 4.4M. No wind on the inside but out back it was blowing a gale. Not too cold!
23rd February 2002
PM Windsurf @Hove, 4.4M bit small to start with, then completely over powered. Coldest sail to date, took an hour for my fingers to defrost.
3rd February 2002
8AM Windsurf @Shoreham, tried 5.0M then 5.7M, what a shitty day, wind just kept dropping
2nd February 2002
8AM Windsurf @Shoreham, 4.4M weather, another one of the best sails this year!
27th January 2002
PM Windsurf a@Shoreham 4.4M weather, best day of the year.
20th January 2002
AM Windsurf @Shoreham 4.4M weather, not bad!
28th November 2001
PM Windsurf @Shoreham, should have gone kitesurfing

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